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How Bankruptcy Can Help Medical Bills

Medical bills can pile up quicker than any other type of financial obligation, especially if you are suffering from a serious illness or injury. If you are unable to pay these bills, bankruptcy might help.

Unsecured Debt

Medical bills are unsecured debt, which means you have no collateral backing them up. Your home is an example of secured debt, and the lender can take possession of it if you fail to pay your mortgage. Like your credit cards, there is nothing “backing” your medical bills.

Chapter 7 Relief

If you are in the midst of severe financial trouble and pass the “Means Test,” you may be able to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Under this chapter, your unsecured debt might be written off completely, meaning you will not have to pay your medical bills.

Chapter 13 Relief

If you are somewhat financially solvent but still struggling, you may still be able to file for protection under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this case, you will likely have to pay your medical bills, but the court will set up a payment plan that fits better within your budget.
Contact a qualified bankruptcy attorney to discuss how bankruptcy can help your medical bills. You are already under enough stress; do not let the bills that are piling up make you sicker. Call Terry E. Hurst Attorney At Law at 423-623-1573.